Set up your Buddy System

How to set up your Buddy System for accountability

If you think you may benefit of working in pair with someone who will be accountable for your self-development journeys, here are some recommendations on how to set up a Buddy System that works.

1) Once you’ve been paired, have a quick call to get to know each other and discuss what you’d like to achieve through this personal development journey. Ensure you’re both on the same page and aware of each others’ needs.

2) Clarify what innercises you both commit to do and set up the outcome expectations for each innercise. Ask each other questions like: what will a successful innercises look like for you? What’s the most important thing you want me to look at? What is important, for you, in this innercise’s outcome? How will it impact your life? How will you use it, on a practical level, in your life?

3) Agree on a deadline that suits both, and make it non-negotiable (do your best to not let down the other person)

4) On the agreed day, have a videocall so you can go over your innercises and outcomes making the most of each others’ body language, energy and attitude. Behave as a coach, not as a friend.

5) By active listening, help the other person maximise their work by asking insightful questions on how he/she feels, how this innercise has changed their perspective, what they will do different as a result of this, what different actions they’re going to take because on this new learning and whatever feels natural and empowering to ask. The more curious you are, the more you help them grow. Ensure you devote equal time to each others’ needs.

6) Celebrate your commitment and achievements and support each other in taking further actions. One key questions you could ask if: What’s next for you? How are you going to put all you’ve learned and practiced so far, into your daily life? What will you do differently? How will you remember to do so? What we want from this system is not just you 2 to be accountable for each other, but also to be supportive, empowering and enriching. 

Have fun with your new buddy, and if you have any question, reach me at

and all the people who are guiding, feeding, protecting and encouraging us.
We won’t forget it.

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