How it works

Step by step

1)  You click on the Eventbrite page and get your free ticket for the next webinar before Friday at 9pm.

2) On Friday evening you’ll receive the details to access the webinar on Cisco Webex (download it in advance, please).

3) You’ll access the webinar the 10 minutes before the official start at 10am so that you can get to know the other (nearly 30) like-minded participants and break the ice (they’ll love to have you on board!).

4) You’ll learn, smile, grow and practice during our webinar while we all interact and enrich the topic with personal, real experiences. It will last till 11,30am then there will be a more intimate Q&A session.

5) At the end of each webinar, I’ll post here all the resources mentioned and the innercises I prepared for you to help you turn what you’ve learned into practice in your life/career. After all, growth comes from actions, not just inspiration.

6) If you wish, you can join a buddy system where you pair with another participant become accountable for each other in doing the innercises and change what you want to improve in your life/career. This is proving to be KEY for all my participants, have a look at what the say!

7) If you enjoyed the webinar, I suggest you sign up for the newsletter (see below) so that you’ll receive the next topic straight into your inbox so you won’t forget to book the next webinar. Each week you must book the relative ticket. 

Questions & Answers

What’s the project about?

Breakthrough Starts Now helps participants to understand themselves better (how their body and their soul function and interact) so they can bring more of who they are into what they do and build a more fulfilling future. Collateral effects? Boost in self-confidence, clearer and more accurate self-image, self-control, improved emotional intelligence and much more.

Why is it free of charge?

To help people turn this tragedy into a meaningful journey that will help us all shape a new world once the crisis is gone. I wanted to do my part to help the community and in my webinars I invite the participants to do their part too, so we can generate a positive vicious cycle to honour the incredible effort front-line and key workers are making right now.

What’s the vision that drives the project?

I believe that our value as human beings isn’t measured by what we do/achieve, but how we respond to tough challenges and what we do with what we’ve been thrown at. By using this time to build more fulfilling and healthier lives, my participants will have turned the poison of this tragedy into a medicine for the new world, increasing their self-esteem too. 

How do we know about the next topics?

If you join the newsletter, each week you’ll receive the topic for the following Saturday. Short and to the point, not time wasting with uselessly long emails. 

What the participants say…

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