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28th March, 2020, 1st Webinar:
How the brain reacts to uncertainty and how we can regain control” – Link

4th April, 2020, 2nd Webinar
“How to raise your self-image and build confidence based on solid evidence” – Link

11th April, 2020, 3rd Webinar
“How to change your brain to change your behaviour” – Link

18th April, 2020, 4th Webinar
“Visualisations: how to bring your vision to life” – Link

25th April, 2020, 5th Webinar
“Fear of failure and resistance to change: let’s beat them” – Link

2nd May, 2020, 6th Webinar
“How to make the right decisions *for you*” – Link

9th May, 2020, 7th Webinar
“How to develop Optimism and inspire others” – Link

16th May, 2020, 8th Webinar
“Discover, nurture and empower your inner child” – Link

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and all the people who are guiding, feeding, protecting and encouraging us.
We won’t forget it.