Webinar “How the brain works”

Resources, Slides, Innercises, Notes and Extras from our Webinar on the 28th March 2020

  Innercise – Questions

If you need help to ensure you’re working in the right direction, here you can find my recommendations to build a Buddy System for accountability.

What can you do to create more “certainty” and “relatedness” in your life, to counterbalance the lack of them right now? What daily actions can you take to help your brain function properly?

When your limbic system will be aroused and you’ll feel anxious, how will you bring your prefrontal cortex back? How will you remember to do so? How can you build a habit for this?

Talking about “compensating” our inability to look inward with external rewards, do you think in your “previous life” you compensated it too? If so, how? And what will you do differently, in your new life after crisis?

What is the best way, for you, to invest this time? What would you like to achieve at the end of the lockdown? What is important, for you, in your previous answer? What obstacles have you encountered so far, and how will you overcome them? How will you measure your progress? What will the achievement of your intention look and feel like? What will be different? What opportunities will this achievement open up fo you? How will you know once you’ve actually achieved your intention?

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In our 1st webinar we learnt how the brain reacts when we’re surrounded by uncertainty and how we can regain control.

When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.

Eckhart Tolle

Recommended Resources

Book: The power of Now – Ekhart Tolle

Book: Embracing Uncertainty – Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.

Emotional letter: A letter to the UK from Italy: this is what we know about your future, Francesca Melandri

TEDx about the impact of regular breathing: “Being Brilliant Every Single Day” by Dr Alan Watkins, physician and neuroscientist

Article on how meditation helps boosting our immune system: “Meditation and Coronavirus” on Live and Dare website, by Giovanni Dienstmann, meditation teacher

Article + audio: 2 Free immune system meditations, still by Giovanni Dienstmann.

Video: Hand model of the brain explained by Prof Dan Siegel, Professor of Psychiatry


Audio: Listening to Bach’s music is proved to have a positive impact on the brain. 

Breathing practice online sessions (free) designed to shift through the stress we are all feeling, give your immune system a boost, detoxify, energise, improve mental clarity & focus and connect you to your inner wisdom, creativity & awareness (from Breathpod.me).

Support for the

What will you do to show our gratitude to the NHS staff and other workers
once the crisis is gone:

“I will offer some coaching sessions for free once they’ll be able to rest and go back to a calmer life”. Bruna

“One way to ease the burden on the NHS is certainly to educate people to strengthen their immune system, every day, as a lifestyle, nutritionally, and by being active, and by educating themselves as well. Because even after this challenging time, if people keep going back to the same nutritional, physical, and mental habits as they are now, then the NHS will still be overwhelmed, so as the health systems of the whole world”. Krisztina

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and all the people who are guiding, feeding, protecting and encouraging us.
We won’t forget it.