Webinar “Let’s beat fear and resistance”

Resources, Slides, Innercises, Notes and Extras from 25th April 2020 Webinar


1) Look at the questions in the slides and reflect on what you wrote during the webinar. After that innercise, did you have further ideas/memories/sensations you could add to your answers?

2) What’s your most significant learning, here? What have you realised about yourself that you didn’t know before? Please, give these questions quality time, as the more you focus on what you’re learning, the more you develop the habit of thinking about yourself differently.

3) In what way are you doing to deal with your Gremlin from now on? How can you ensure you’ll do it this way, and don’t slip into the old habit? What reminder are you going to use?

4) Let’s measure your progress: establish your KPI, milestones and celebration for each set of actions that will take you closer to your vision. How are you going to measure your progress? How are you going to accelerate your successes along the way? How will you remind yourself to leverage the power of your mid-achievements? Share your plan with your buddy, and if you don’t have one, let me know, and I’ll pair you up with someone.

5) Ensure that you and your buddy have understood each other’s plan and become accountable for you to measure and celebrate your progress.

6) When you’ll reach the level of self-image you want to be at, how will you celebrate this significant achievement? How will you remember to expand your view on what’s now possible for you?

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In our 5th webinar we learnt how to beat our fear of failure and resistance to change so that we can turn all the inspiration and ideas we’ve got through the webinar into concrete, effective actions.

Where attention goes, neural firing flows, and neural connection grows.

Daniel J. Siegel

Recommended Resources

Books: these 2 books are recommended ONLY to those who are strongly committed in working on themselves and face their wounded inner child. Have a look, if you feel right now is too intense work for you, that’s ok. You may want to go back to these books when you’re ready (read some reviews here first). Just keep a note somewhere so you won’t forget them.  

  • Face to Face with Fear: Transforming Fear Into Love” 
  • Stepping Out of Fear: Breaking Free of Our Pain and Suffering

both by Krishnananda Trobe M.D. and Amana Trobe. 

Video – Meditations: these meditations, available in English and in Italian from the same voice, are well made and will help you let everything go, including your resistance to change and anxiety.

By being present, you can now recognise when you’re becoming anxious, and you’re letting your Gremlin speak too loud. These meditations will let that resistance go and manage your Gremlin more easily. Listen to them when you feel anxiety and fear of getting out of the comfort zone to arise and do it regularly for a few days, you’ll soon see what difference they make in your body. 

English Version “Guided Meditation for Releasing Resistance

Italian Version “Rilasciare la Resistenza

both by Niccolo’ Angeli – Accademia Infinita. 

Insights from our participants:

How will you remember to turn what you’ve learned into practice?

“Tell people about what we want to do so they can keep up accountable” L.

“I will make a list and tick the boxes when I have done what I planned” E.

“I will re-think about this webinar and all that is teaching me today” S.

Support for the

25th April, 2020 – 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Italy
Our project is dedicated to the NHS staff and key workers and in this webinar, we watched a video that the UK Fire Brigade Union did to show solidarity, love and support to their Italian colleagues and key workers. We also reminded ourselves that today is the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Italy and we celebrated it with that video where the UK’s firefighters sing for us the anthem of the Italian partisans “Bella Ciao“. 

Thank you UK’s firefighters, you’re being seen, felt and heard by all of us Italians here in the UK, and we’re grateful for your sweet gesture. 
Grazie. Solidarieta’.

If you know someone who can benefit from all this, please share.

and all the people who are guiding, feeding, protecting and encouraging us.
We won’t forget it.