Webinar “The right decisions for you”

Resources, Slides, Innercises, Notes and Extras from 2nd May 2020 Webinar


1) First thing, as per all the previous innercises, you need to learn to be present, in the now and get the habit of noticing when there is an energy movement within your body. When you notice a drop or an increase in your energy level, take a moment to understand “what triggered that movement“? It could be a specific type of interaction with someone, or maybe the environment you’re in, or the activity you’re performing and so on. Tip: every time you do so, take immediately a note so that you can go back to this later on and reflect on it. 

2) Observe the patterns between all the energy movements you’ve noticed. What do you see? Where and when do you tend to have increases/drop of energy? What can you learn about yourself in understanding these patterns?

3) To make decisions that will make you feel alive, you need to bring who you are into what you do. How much do you know about your being? What are your best assets? Answer these questions by observing your behaviour, not just thinking:

  1. What’s the vision you want to bring to life?
  2. What are your gifts? Gift-experiences?
  3. What type of environment energises you?
  4. What are your peak experiences?
  5. When do you tend to be in the state of flow?
  6. What are your key values? – Check out this extensive list to help you find out what’s really important to you
  7. What do friends tend to come to you for?

4) Now consider the aspects of your life where you don’t feel 100% comfortable with (career, the company you work for, the country you live in and so on). Do the choices you made honour your Being? How many items of the above list can you tick as being honoured by the current situation? Discuss all this with your buddy to get even more clarity.  

5) If you’re realising that your current Doing isn’t honouring your Being, chances are you feel scared about a potential change. Do not worry, deal with your Gremlin as you’ve learnt in our previous webinar and always make evidence-based considerations. If a change is needed, and fear of failure is arising, just analyse how justified this fear is. How often have you “actually” failed in your life? What happened afterwards? Where would you be, instead, if your fear of failure didn’t prevent you from moving on? Download my “Failure Reframe Workbook”, complete the innercises and discuss them with your buddy. If you don’t have one, let me know and I’ll pair you up with someone.

6) As mentioned, if a new, demanding decision has to be made, REMEMBER to ask the right questions at the RIGHT time. Questions such as “how am I going to find clients if I start my own business” or “how am I going to afford a salary cut if I change my career” are legitimate questions, BUT they should NOT prevent you from exploring these ideas now. Be patient with yourself, there will be a time for these questions and at that time, probably, you’ll be equipped with so many more information that they won’t feel daunting anymore and the answers will look clearer than you thought. Be patient, give yourself permission to simply explore and new insights will arise. 

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In our 6th webinar we learnt what we need to consider before we make a decision, and how to ensure it is actually the right choice for us.

Where attention goes, neural firing flows, and neural connection grows.

Daniel J. Siegel

Recommended Resources

Books: here the only book I’d recommend is… the one I’m planning to write 🙂 I guess it will still take a long time, but work is in progress and the “bring who you are into what you do” topic will be fully explained then.

Insights from our participants:

This week Rayna showed us the beautiful motivational strategy she made for herself based on what she’s learnt during the Breakthrough Starts Now webinar series. How cool is she? Thank you Rayna, we loved it!

Rayna’s Motivational Strategy – Pdf, 985Kb

Talking about how we made decisions so far, we heard:

“Some of the best decisions were made on the flip of a coin, but with the commitment to carry through with it regardless….sometimes risk/payoff analysis. Sometimes “feeling”.” J.

“Elicit his values, ask why they are important… then check motivation strategies… what’s being moved towards, what’s being moved away from…” J.

and all the people who are guiding, feeding, protecting and encouraging us.
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