Webinar “Your Inner Child”

Resources, Slides, Innercises, Notes and Extras from 16th May 2020 Webinar


1) Discover your inner child: spend quality time looking at pictures of you as a child, and let beautiful and emotional memory come into your mind. If possible, go to places you used to go to when you were a child, and breathe that atmosphere again. Also, spend time doing the things you loved to do, and perhaps stopped doing as you grew up. What activities made you happy? How did you spend your time on your own? The more activities you find, the better.  It will help if you can print some of these photos of the little you and put them somewhere visible so you will keep nurturing your relationship with your lovely inner child. 

2) Nurture him/her: spend quality time bringing to life your inner child. What game did he/she love to play? Devote a couple of hours per week to activities you know will light up your inner child. You may want to have a journal and speak to him/her directly every day, perhaps responding to some specific questions, such as:

  • What made you happy, today? Why?
  • What made you feel sad, instead, and why?
  • How can I help you come out and enjoy life a bit more?
  • What activity would you like me to engage with, so that you’ll feel nurtured? And so on…

3) Empower him/her: remember that when you speak to yourself, you’re speaking to your inner child. How do you want your inner child to grow? Fearful or empowered? Focus on these questions:

  1. Watch your language (words, tone of voice, explanatory style)
  2. Support him/her when facing setbacks
  3. Encourage him/her in leaving the comfort zone
  4. Remind him/her of how great he/she’s been (evidence-based)
  5. Read him/her inspiring stories
  6. Listen, respect and honour his/her feelings
  7. Observe his/her gifts and nurture them

Remember that your inner child lives within you and will always do. Embrace his/her energy and live with his/her enthusiasm will ensure you’ll live a more resonant, aligned and fulfilling life. 
Never forget your sweet inner child again, and parent him/her as you now think he/she deserves 🙂

Recommended Resources


  • Home Coming: Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child – by John Bradshaw 
  • Twice Born – by Premartha and Svarup
  • Face to Face with Fear, Transforming Fear Into Love – by Krishnananda Trobe, Amana Trobe
  • Stepping Out of Fear: Breaking Free of Our Pain and Suffering – by Krishnananda Trobe, Amana Trobe

***IMPORTANT*** These books are quite intense, and if you feel that you may carry a wounded child within yourself, ensure you’re ready to do this important piece of work. It is not recommended for people who had severe childhood trauma and I’d rather recommend you to find a specialised therapist who can help you heal your inner child.

In out intimate conversation after the webinar we mentioned 3 inspiring stories of people who turned their poison (amputation) into medicine (victory and inspiration for others):

The practise I’ve used to deleting stuck emotions in the body is called “nerve-reflexology” and you can find more info here: http://www.mnt-nr.com/English/Home

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In our 8th webinar we learnt who the inner child is, why it’s so important for us to be in touch with him/her and how to discover, nurture and empower him/her.

Where attention goes, neural firing flows, and neural connection grows.

Daniel J. Siegel

Wy wish for you all!

With the end of this much beloved series, I’d like to share how inspired I was in seeing you so committed to turning the lockdown into an opportunity to grow. My wish for you all is that you will embody everything we’ve learnt together and build a BEING-FIRST future, where you can always look back at your life and sing this song as if you’ve written it yourself 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful journey ahead, in your own Way!

and all the people who are guiding, feeding, protecting and encouraging us.
We won’t forget it.