Bruna De Palo
Leadership & Career Coach, TEDx Speaker, Facilitator


I’m Bruna De Palo, an Italian Leadership & Career Coach living in London and as a Change Maker, I strive to turn the poison of the Covid-19 crisis into medicine for all.
I’ve designed “Breakthrough Starts Now” weekly webinar series to help people turn the lockdown into an opportunity to grow together, redesigning their lives and our future. 
Well, if there’s a certainty we all have, is that “life as it was” didn’t work out well. If we really want a breakthrough, NOW is the time to act. And I’m fully committed to this. Are you?

I believe that our value as human beings isn’t measured by what we do/achieve, but how we respond to tough challenges and what we do with what we’ve been thrown at. I’ll help you turn this time into a constructive opportunity where you can see what you’re made of, increase your self-esteem and get ready for a fulfilling life that will contribute to a healthier world.

What the participants say…

and all the people who are guiding, feeding, protecting and encouraging us.
We won’t forget it.

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